The album is a sonic melting pot taking in Prog, Ambient, Synthpop & even a sprinkling of Dubstep, which is simultaneously timeless and modern. Sean Quinn states; "I was always interested in ambient music and was working on a solo album which includes a collaboration with Roedelius. I started thinking about other artists I admired involved in ambient music. My all-time favourite band is King Crimson (72-74 line-up) and I was particularly fascinated by David's contribution to the band - his melodic sense is incredible."

"Overall this is a beautifully put together release that is a must for anyone with a fondness for Cross' playing. Sean Quinn has done well in his production to ensure that the often sparse elements retain a vibrancy that allows the individual contributions to shine ... Thought provoking yet relaxing, Cold Sky Blue is a highly enjoyable listen, particularly through a decent hi-fi" - Jez Rowden: The Progressive aspect (March 2016)

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