Sheila worked with the original David Cross Band, writing and co-producing tracks on the first three albums. She also recorded with Geoff Serle on Radius and Sonicphonics studio projects. As well as creating her own music, she has produced and played keyboards on Mick Paul’s “Parallel Lives” and she currently writes and plays keyboards for “The Fae”. 

Mick joined the David Cross Band in 1995, recording the album ‘Exiles’ featuring members of King Crimson, including Robert Fripp and John Wetton. He has co-produced, sung and played on all the DCB’s releases since then and performed with the band in Europe and Japan.  In June 2021 Mick released his own album ‘Parallel Lives’.  His most asked question is ‘how many strings does your bass have’?

Initially inspired by Leadbelly, the Beatles, Bartok, Coltrane and his church organist father, David became an irrepressible improvisor and experimenter.  His subsequent immersion in rock music introduced him to a new, vast pool of expressive possibilities.  Currently, he plays a half fretted Violectra electric violin with 5 strings and an octave drop pedal, giving him a pitch range from the bottom of the cello to the top of the violin.