The album is a sonic melting pot taking in Prog, Ambient, Synthpop & even a sprinkling of Dubstep, which is simultaneously timeless and modern. Sean Quinn states; "I was always interested in ambient music and was working on a solo album which includes a collaboration with Roedelius. I started thinking about other artists I admired involved in ambient music. My all-time favourite band is King Crimson (72-74 line-up) and I was particularly fascinated by David's contribution to the band - his melodic sense is incredible."

"Overall this is a beautifully put together release that is a must for anyone with a fondness for Cross' playing. Sean Quinn has done well in his production to ensure that the often sparse elements retain a vibrancy that allows the individual contributions to shine ... Thought provoking yet relaxing, Cold Sky Blue is a highly enjoyable listen, particularly through a decent hi-fi" - Jez Rowden: The Progressive aspect (March 2016)

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David Cross and Andrew Keeling

Flautist Andrew Keeling is best known as a composer and King Crimson musicologist. David Cross and Andrew have collaborated on a series of improvisations, which has evolved into this beautiful collection of electric violin and flute duets, English Sun. There is a common heritage at work here that goes far deeper than its clear classical and rock components. This is new music by anybody's standard and further defines the meaning of Electric Chamber Music.

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